About Holistic Passion

At holistic passion I believe that wellness is an all encompassing thing.  There are many areas that it entails and I am passionate about so many of them!  Here are the areas of wellness I tend to focus on:

Spiritual - This is honestly an area that I find a lot of  interest in due to personal need.    It is no less important in the wellness arena.  But one I feel the world is seriously lacking in.  One can feel very lost and misplaced if they don't find some sense of belonging to something larger then ourselves.  I am in the belief that the world is connected.  In a world where there is so much distraction on the negative, I am hoping to be a positive place to those who are looking into this area or are already there and want to represent their beliefs to the world.

Healthy Eating  -  Let's face it between not know what is put in the food at restaurants and the amount of funds that you have to spend, cooking at home is a great way to make sure you are eating the right foods at a great price.  We personally like to focus a lot of attention on whole foods with a major emphasis on vegetables and fruits.  So using tools in the kitchen that can save time is of the utmost importance and it also adds a little fun to the event.  

Fitness/Exercise - This can mean very different things for everyone.  Through 27 years of experience in this arena you tend to change up your game a little.  The favorite style for me is kinda of similar to the healthy eating arena -  doing if from home.  There are so many fun sites out there that you can choose from to exercise your right and privilege to work out at home.  Two of my favorites are bodyrock.tv and doyogawithme.com.  In order to work out at home you need to incorporate certain equipment to help along the way.  I look to continue to add useful items to help in this arena.

Mental Health - I feel like this goes hand in hand with spirituality.  And is also an area of lack of understanding among many people.  For this arena besides reading the best way to practice your mind muscle is to interact with other individuals with the idea that we are all entitled to be a little unique in the way we understand ourselves and the world around us.  We are seriously lacking in educating people on how to become the best image of themselves.  I recommend joining local groups that empower you to become the best version of yourself.  

Environment - This includes the wellness of your home and your body through non toxic means.  Essential oils, clean water, clean body products, clean air, clean home, and clean food are other areas of wellness that I find passion in.